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Executive Assistant

Job Introduction

Your World Professional is currently recruiting a Executive Assistant in South West London on a permanent basis.

Job Description

Job title: Executive Assistant

Location: London

Salary: £40,000 per annum + benefits

Purpose of role

In this role, the Executive Assistant delivers to their GLT member professional, task orientated and highly proficient 1:1 support. Through a deep understanding of the GLT member’s strategic objectives and priorities, the EA will review and evaluate a range of information from multiple sources, often at pace, applying sound judgement and drawing on their experience to assist their GLT member in prioritising and delivering against these objectives. The Executive Assistant takes full responsibility for managing the flow of information between the GLT member and the Group function leadership teams, working closely and collaboratively with the [Team PA/Team Coordinator] within the relevant Group Function/SBU to ensure business priorities and deadlines are met. Through successful stakeholder management, the Executive Assistant interacts at a senior level with the CEO’s office, SBU Leaders, Group Partners and TCE Board members, as well as key external stakeholders and customers. Acts as a sounding board for a wide range of internal stakeholders and colleagues across the business on behalf of the GLT member.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Sole responsibility for managing the GLT member’s diary, proactively preparing for upcoming meetings and deadlines, highlighting priorities, conflicts or outstanding issues. Ensure material for meetings is considered and ready for the GLT member ahead of time.
  • Proactive and efficient inbox management in agreement with GLT member.
  • Coordinate proactively engage and support projects as advised by GLT member.
  • Adhering to corporate timetables: take full responsibility for ensuring corporate timetables are adhered to include:
  • Managing the process of reporting to Board and GLT Committee in line with the Secretariat timetable. This includes proactively monitoring agendas on behalf of the GLT member, advising of any relevant agenda items and setting local team deadlines to meet the final Secretariat deadline. Act as a conduit with the Secretariat Assistant and work with GLT member’s leadership team to ensure papers are delivered on time and in the correct format.
  • Work with the GLT member and their leadership team to coordinate submissions for the Quarterly Business Reporting to GLT Committee.
  • Team management – take the lead in ensuring organisation charts, team distribution lists and other broader Group team material is relevant and up to date. Responsible for keeping the Group team aware of relevant changes that affect team processes or procedures.
  • Take responsibility and ownership of optimising systems and developing/expanding team processes to increase efficiency across the Group partner team.
  • Work closely with and nurture strong working relationships with the GLT EA community, to help ensure best use of GLT members’ time around the many competing demands. Demonstrate a solution-focused approach and be an active/proactive member of this sub-group. Offer flexible and comprehensive cover and ad-hoc support to the other EAs within this community, as needed.
  • Develop key relationships with senior internal stakeholders and Board members. This extends to the GLT’s external contacts and stakeholders, where a good rapport will enable the GLT member to optimise their working relationships with external parties. These stakeholders will vary depending on the GLT member but may include JV partners and interest groups, senior level executives from our customers and leading industry companies, HM Treasury, Government and Council officials. When dealing with stakeholders for the CEO office and Windsor in particular, there will be an added level of discretion and protocol required.
  • Develop strong relationships with other assistants across the business by being an active, contributory member of the Assistants’ Network.
  • Promote and ensure knowledge sharing, consistency in approach and joined up thinking to team actions/events.
  • Line management: the EA may undertake line management responsibilities as part of their role, in agreement with their GLT member. For those without line management responsibilities, the expectation is that they will work closely with the relevant Team Coordinator/Team PA providing support, guidance and light mentoring as required.
  • The EA member supports the team in building and maintaining constructive and caring working conditions across the team.


Knowledge, experience, and skills (essential and desirable)

  • Brings a considered and calm approach to the role, combined with strong influencing and relationship-building skills, with an ability to persuade and negotiate.
  • Excellent organisational skills with an ability to manage and proactively prioritise workload.
  • Ability to proactively forward plan around many and varied internal deadlines
  • Fast and accurate working style, with an eye for detail.
  • Tactful, discrete, resilient, diplomatic with excellent anticipatory skills.
  • Highly discrete, always maintaining confidentiality.
  • Ability to work independently and oversee self-directed projects, often under pressure to meet deadlines.
  • Commitment to gain a deep understanding of GLT area and the interdependencies between the SBU/Group Function across the business.
  • Highly competent in use of MS Office, including PowerPoint, Word and Excel.
  • Proactive and resourceful in initiating change to improve performance of self and team processes.
  • An aptitude for working in a team and taking a flexible approach.
  • The EA role, is considered key to role modelling, by setting the standard of  expected TCE behaviors, and can help to identify areas of development  or improvement within other support functions / roles.


Key business capabilities:

  • Engagement and Relations
  • Managing the relationship with internal and external stakeholders

Vision Setting

  • Defining clear steps/ plan toward direction, with concrete, intentional choice
  • (including what not to do)

Administrative Support

  • Providing Administrative skills to support the efficient operation of
  • individuals or teams

Records Management

  • Managing records with a strict governance framework, ensuring
  • unauthorised changes are not made.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Recognising, valuing and using the difference in people, policies and
  • practices to enable everyone to thrive at work.

Process improvement

  • Simplifying, streamlining, and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes using process analysis and process design techniques


We are an equal opportunities employer

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