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See why apprenticeships DO work

09th Mar, 2018

See why apprenticeships DO work

This week, businesses and apprenticeships around the country have been coming together to celebrate the success of apprenticeships. 

Since university fees went up, apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly popular choice for school leavers, and sometimes amongst a more mature crowd too. The fact that you can earn while learning your trade does make this route of learning very appealing, particularly if you're more of a kinetic learner who perhaps doesn't thrive in a classroom setting.

You can do an apprenticeship in many vocations, including graphic design, beauty, business, administration, HR, construction, marketing, finance and more - there is just about something for everyone!

There's also a lot for an employer to gain from hiring an apprentice. The result is typically having a more skilled worker who's specifically trained to their business' standards and, more often than not, a more committed member of staff. Also, investing in the lower levels of the company allows room for the senior team members to focus on their key areas of work, all while minimising costs. 

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This year's National Apprenticeship Week theme is 'Apprenticeships Work' and to support this idea, we've spoken to a young man who successfully completed an apprenticeship instead of going to university. 

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship? Did university ever cross your mind?

When I left school, I planned to study Psychology at the University of Bedfordshire. First, I wanted to take a gap year to get some savings behind me and decide whether university was for me or not. It was during this time that I realised I'd prefer to carry on working and earn my own money while starting to build a career at the same time. Equally, I knew that I wanted to continue doing some form of education. 

I was looking at various job sites for apprenticeships within my chosen field of HR and, in the end, got accepted onto the first one I applied for!

Are you happy with your decision to do an apprenticeship?

I'm very pleased with my decision. Being an apprentice has opened a lot of doors for my career while allowing me to avoid the debts I would have if I'd gone to university. 

What opportunities have come from it?

Once I completed my apprenticeship, I was offered a permanent job with the company. Next, I was promoted to a 'specialist team' and have since begun deputising as manager for the entire recruitment team (a group of 12). I did this all in the space of 2 and a half years.

Being an apprentice allowed me to develop further opportunities outside of my day-to-day role. For example, I took on a project where I had to present to over a hundred people - I would never have had the confidence to do that before!

Where are you in your career compared to friends who took other routes?

A lot of my friends are at uni and don't know what they want to do when they finish. They're also in considerable amounts of debt, whereas I have savings. 

"[My friends] are in considerable amounts of debt, whereas I have savings."

Who is an apprenticeship good for and why would you recommend doing one?

There are many benefits to an apprenticeship, one of which is that you can earn while you learn! Plus, you have the opportunity to learn within a business environment that's relevant to your studies. 

I'd say an apprenticeship is perfect for anyone who's unsure about whether they'd like to continue in education or get a full-time job. They're also the ideal choice for people who prefer a more hands-on learning style. 

"You have the opportunity to learn within a business that's relevant to your studies..."

Do apprenticeships work?

I'm a firm believer that apprenticeships work, not only because of the experience I've had but because of the mutual benefits to the employer and employee. The employer invests in the employee and, in turn, gets to see their investment paid back over the course of the employee's career.

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Apprenticeships can help you earn money and learn your trade at the same time.