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5 signs you're ready to quit your job

21st Dec, 2017

5 signs you're ready to quit your job

You would think that knowing when to switch jobs would be pretty simple, but sometimes the signs can be hidden. 

Humans are typically creatures of habit, and with that comes comfort and safety. But could this feeling of complacency and security be the thing that's holding you back from reaching your full potential? 

Maybe you're someone who needs routine to keep your hectic life in check, and that is 100% OK. But there's a fine line between routine and a very mundane existence at work. Read on and see if you recognise the signs of a job past its prime...

Sign 1 - You keep thinking: 'I could do this job with my eyes shut!' 

How to find a new job, how to quit your job, bored at work

When was the last time you had to use your mind, like really use it? We're talking trying to explore new options and techniques for doing your job well. Thinking outside that box. Can't think of anything? Something isn't right.

Sure, it could just be laziness, but if you're not happy with your sudden stale working week, try having a chat with a manager about taking on more responsibility or changing up your routine slightly. If you're still not happy, maybe it's time to move on.

Sign 2 - You're easily irritated whenever someone gives you a task

Irritated - stop annoying me - time for a new job

When a job has somewhat lost its appeal, even the smallest of tasks can feel like a mountain of work. Why? Because you don't want to be there. You actively resent using your brain to do work for a manager you don't like or a company you no longer feel part of. It's pretty normal and can often pass...but if it doesn't, you're probably ready to go.

Sign 3 - Getting up for work is torture

I hate getting up for work - work is torture - new job - Monday feels

If getting up for work is on par with repeatedly receiving a bludgeon to the head - get a new job! Yes, Mondays are hard for the best of us, (even those of us who are happy in our jobs), but we're talking about something more. If you regularly wake up feeling frustrated and resentful, this isn't the job for you. Explore your options - you only have one life!

Sign 4 - The smallest things anger you more than they should...and for longer than they should

Angry at work - hate my job - how to find a new job

If emotions from the day are still getting to you long after you've left work, let's just say they shouldn't be! You should be able to walk out and go home feeling ready to relax, brushing off any occupational mishaps. You don't need to be hung up over 'what Shirley from Accounts said' when you should be kicking back to watch Peaky Blinders.

Sign 5 - Your job description isn't what it used to be

when your job description changes - overworked - changing jobs advice

Are you finding yourself overworked and doing things that you aren't paid to do? You've got a few options here:

  1. Say 'nope' and find a new job with a clearer remit
  2. Approach management and flag the issues, calmly explaining that this is not what you are paid to do
  3. Accept the changes but request an altered pay packet to suit your additional duties

We bet you're thinking...

What if it doesn't work out? What if I'm not happy after I move? What if I don't like my colleagues? 

Well, how will you know unless you try? And if things don't work out, you know where to find us for that perfect position you'll want to stick with!

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