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10 Winning Ideas for Your Office Secret Santa

13th Dec, 2018

10 Winning Ideas for Your Office Secret Santa

Have you had your Secret Santa draw at work and been left feeling lost for what to do? It can be challenging, especially if you have a small budget, because you know there's a high level of expectation.

Unless you know your recipient really well, buying a gift can feel like a lot of pressure, so it's nice to have some guidance before you start spending and, hopefully, this article will help!

To make life easier, each of these options is available on Amazon Prime (which is a godsend if you're a last-minute-dot-com person), although you may be able to pick some items up within pop-up shops, such as MenKind. 

Fred The Daily Mood Desk Flipchart (£6.76)

Secret Santa office gift ideas

For the person whose mood changes every day (or every hour), or even a busy manager who needs something to show when they can and can't talk - this is perfect.


Mood Swing-Desk Warning Sign (£4.99)

Great Secret Santa gift ideas for the office

There's usually an office hothead and, if they can handle a bit of good humour, you'll have a lot of fun with this gift! It's one of those gifts that might actually be used more often by the recipient's team than the recipient themselves. Your fellow colleagues will always be prepared for a mood swing on the rise!


I Survived Another Meeting that Should Have Been an Email Notebook (£4.99)

Present ideas for office Secret Santa

Found yourself paired with the office stationary lover? A fact about these people - they can never have too many notebooks, especially if they're funny, cute or quirky; they just can't resist them, so this is an ideal Secret Santa gift idea.


Why Steve Was Late: 101 Exceptional Excuses for Terrible Timekeeping

Funny gift ideas for an office Secret Santa

In every team, there's a person (or two) who is, without fail, ALWAYS late. This hilarious book will provide an entertaining read for the recipient, as well as the team who get to listen to their new stream of excuses. 

NB: lateness is not encouraged or endorsed by Your World Pro!


Crap CVs (£7.99)  

Secret Santa gift ideas

If you have a manager, talent recruiter or someone who reviews a lot of CVs as part of their job, this book could provide the comic relief they need from hours of scrolling through them every day. According to reviews, it will have you laughing out loud!


Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner (£12.35)

Secret Santa ideas for the office

For the office 'neat freak' or perhaps someone who needs a little help with their cleanliness. This is a fully functioning miniature Henry vacuum - genius!


Mystic 8 Ball (£7.99)

What to buy for an Office Secret Santa - present ideas

You know when it gets to about midweek, it's roughly 2.30pm and everyone starts to go a little stir crazy? The Mystic 8 Ball is for those times! It provides endless answers to the questions you can't answer. Should you show up to that meeting you've been putting off? Will you meet your next deadline? Will you ever get that promotion you've been dying for? The Mystic 8 Ball knows all!


It's a Punderful Life: A fun collection of puns and wordplay (£7.50)

Secret Santa ideas for office coworkers

There's always a pun king or queen (or multiple if you're in a creative team) in any office. If you can handle the aftermath of giving them this book, it will be a hit - but watch out, it could make them punstoppable!


Fidget Spinner (£5.97)

What to buy for an office Secret Santa

If you've got the person who's always distracting everyone because they're constantly full of beans, give them something to channel their energy into - THESE THINGS WORK!


Funny Secret Santa Mug (£9.99)

Secret Santa funny gift ideas for work

And if you're really struggling, just buy one of these!


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