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10 ways to fall back in love with your job

13th Feb, 2018

10 ways to fall back in love with your job

Unless your job is a professional chocolate taster or you spend your whole day playing with kittens, there’s a good chance that at some point you’ll start to feel a bit, well…uninspired at work.

When your everyday routine is getting stagnant, is your first instinct to look for something new? What if we told you it doesn’t have to be? No, really! There are plenty of ways you can rejuvenate your career without ever having to use a job board again!

Change up your environment

We humans are particularly visual when it comes to motivation. We need to see results to work harder and our physical surroundings can have a huge impact on our mental drive. There’s that little old saying ‘organise your environment and your mind will follow’. De-clutter your workspace, chuck out the old papers from your drawers and find some desk space-saving solutions to help you stay organised.

Small changes, like buying a new coffee mug, introducing a green plant or choosing a new screen-saver will also go a long way in giving you a fresher setting.

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Get comfortable

Your best work will come when you feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s pretty distracting writing up reports or meeting final deadlines when you have a chair that sends your bum to sleep. If part of your office set-up is stifling your productivity, try to change what’s bugging you.

Ask yourself ‘why’

Think back to your first day on the job. Remember that nervous-but-also-excited feeling that hit you in the stomach as you walked into the building. Remind yourself how you felt after your first day and the motivation to do well that came with it. Now ask yourself what has changed since that first day – why do you now feel so impassioned? Those changes might be the key to getting things back to how they were.

Do more of what you love

If there’s something you really enjoy doing at work (eating lunch not included), DO IT MORE! If you enjoy scheduling posts on social media, for example, take half an hour each day instead of finishing your posts all in one go.

Find time for yourself during the day

Working round the clock is actually pretty counterproductive. It’s not always about the quantity of time you work, but the quality of the time you work and working through a mental block for 9 hours could leave you far worse off than 6 solid hours of quality concentration. Giving yourself regular breaks throughout the day will refresh your mind and give you a better perspective on the task at hand. So, go grab a coffee, take a walk on your lunch break, have a quick catch-up with a colleague – it won’t hurt!

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Set new challenges

Nothing breaks you out of a boring routine like a brand-new challenge! Give yourself a set time to reach a goal (like learning a new skill or improving sales figures etc.) and use it to give your career and your mindset a much-needed boost!

Make the most of company benefits

Does your company offer special benefits to its employees? Make the most of what’s on offer! Whether it’s a corporate gym membership or social events, you might find that these small tokens make a big difference to your working life.

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Try a different shift pattern

If possible, try out a slightly different shift pattern once or twice a week. That extra hour in bed on a Wednesday could give you a new sense of freedom and help you step off the hamster wheel. If your company offers flexible working on weekends, why not swap a day mid-week for a Saturday? Think of all the Jeremy Kyle you could be watching!

Re-visit the old you

Take a trip down memory lane to the older (ironically, the younger) you. Look for your old cover letters and notes from your first few days on the job. Sometimes, realising how far you’ve come can motivate you to carry on and go a bit further.

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