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10 sure signs you're in Marketing

19th Sep, 2017

10 sure signs you're in Marketing


1. Your family thinks you make money by 'doing Facebook.'

Marketing is more than Facebook


2. You analyse TV adverts way more than you should.

Very clever analysing TV adverts


3. Spotting spelling and grammar errors gets you riled up...but you're pretty smug about finding them.

spelling and grammar is important when you work in Marketing


4. You can tell brands apart by looking at their typeface.

brands typeface


5. Capitalisation of titles is so simple...but so complex.

trying to work out when to use capital letters


6. You assess the organisation of supermarket shelves according to brand and product size.

Supermarket shopping and analysing the product placement


7. You have a separate inbox folder for emails that contain potential pitch ideas.

finding a good pitch idea within an email you get sent


8. Product placement is super obvious to you in movies and TV shows.

Wayne's World Pizza Hut product placement in movies


9. You feel obligated to give your non-marketing family and friends advice on their websites and social media pages.

when you give your friends advice on how to use social media


10. You simply don't trust online competitions anymore.

Online competitions are never real anymore


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